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Microbiology Technologist

Run experiments to study microscopic animals and plants.

What does a Microbiology Technologist do?

We humans are amazing. We walk, talk, jump, run, climb, and build things. But much of what the human body is capable of cannot be seen with the naked eye and is still not completely understood.

Microbiologists are Scientists who work to better understand human, plant, and animal organisms that can only be seen through a microscope. Microbiology Technologists work alongside Microbiologists in search of the same answers.

As a Microbiology Technologist, you study, manipulate, and experiment with fun little coworkers like fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Sure, most of us try to avoid them because Microbiology Technologists like you tell us they can make us sick. But you’re determined to find out more.

Can mushrooms cure disease? What happens to a cold virus when exposed to vitamin C? What damage or good can a parasite cause on the intestinal track?

You need your teamwork tea each day in your role as a Microbiology Technologist. Even though you perform plenty of tasks on your own, you’re under the guiding thumb of the Microbiologist running the lab. Your shared passion for all things cellular, toxic, fluid, or tissue have you designing experiment after experiment that help you create new medications, cure diseases, identify a cause of death, design food products, and better understand the inner working of plants, animals, and humans.