Mica Splitter

Split mica to sheets of specified dimensions.

What does a Mica Splitter do?

Splits mica to sheets of specified dimensions and trims defects from mica sheets, using knife: Measures thickness of mica sheets, using dial or caliper-type micrometer, to determine amount of mica to remove. Locates cleavage plane in mica and inserts point of knife between layers. Peels layers of mica from sheets to reduce thickness of sheets. Gauges mica sheets with micrometer to determine amount of mica to remove and to verify thickness of split sheets. Examines mica for defects, such as stains, cracks, or scale and trims defects, using knife. Deposits mica sheets into containers according to size and rejects sheets that fail to meet thickness specifications. Compares mica to templates of parts being produced and deposits mica in container according to part. May measure length of sheets with rule and trim excess mica from sheets, using scissors or knife. May rub edges of mica sheets over sandpaper-covered portion of worktable to locate cleavages in sheets.