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Mica Laminating Machine Feeder

Perform tasks to laminate continuous sheets of built-up mica splittings.

What does a Mica Laminating Machine Feeder do?

Performs following tasks in rotation with other workers to laminate continuous sheet of built-up mica splittings to fiberglass cloth: Places roll of built-up mica, backed with fiberglass cloth, on shaft at feed end of conveyor and feeds roll onto conveyor. Visually inspects built-up mica sheet for thin spots or holes and places mica splittings over defective area to ensure complete coverage. Feeds fiberglass cloth through guides and positions cloth on top of built-up mica sheet as sheet emerges from dip tank containing bonding solution. Spreads bonding solution over top layer of fiberglass cloth, using paint roller. Tapes end of laminated sheet to take-up spool after sheet emerges from curing oven.