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Meter Repairer

Disassemble, clean, adjust, repair, and test oil, gas, and water meters.

What does a Meter Repairer do?

Disassembles, cleans, adjusts, repairs, and tests oil, gas, and water meters, using handtools and testing equipment: Connects meter to testing apparatus. Turns valve to permit specified quantity of oil, gas, or water to pass through meter under varying pressure to test meter for leaks and accuracy of recording. Disassembles meter, removing gear train and disk assembly, using handtools. Removes plant growth, rust, and scale from internal housing and parts, using wire brush, electric buffer, and acid. Repairs or replaces warped or broken disks and gears, and grinds and straightens parts to specified tolerance to fit parts to meter, using grinding machine and hydraulic press. Reassembles and tests meter. Tests large capacity meters in industrial plants to determine accuracy of operation. Records materials used and meters repaired. May install meters [WATER-METER INSTALLER]. May read meters [METER READER].