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Meter Inspector

Test accuracy of gas flowmeters.

What does a Meter Inspector do?

Tests accuracy of gas flowmeters, using testing apparatus: Inserts measuring orifice disk between flanged ends of two metal pipe sections and connects pipe sections with bolts and nuts. Fastens one end of pipe to gas main leaving flowmeter and attaches rubber hose to free end of pipe to deflect air currents. Sets frame containing manometer instruments on tripod and connects instruments to nipples on pipe and to flowmeter with rubber tubing. Reads instruments to obtain data, such as specific gravity and temperature of gas, and clocks number of seconds required for specified volume of gas to pass through meter. Computes accuracy of meter, using mathematical formulas based on readings and clocking tests and standard data stamped on orifice disk, and verifies calculations, using tabulated chart. Adjusts meters to correct inaccurate readings. May change recording charts on gas flowmeters [CHART CHANGER].