Metal Furniture Panel Coverer

Cover sheet metal sections of furniture.

What does a Metal Furniture Panel Coverer do?

Covers sheet metal sections of furniture with precut cotton padding and upholstery materials, such as fabric, leather, or plastic: Selects sheet metal panel, padding, and upholstery material according to work ticket. Coats surface of panel with glue, using brush or spray gun. Positions and presses padding on panel and trims excess cotton from edge, using scissors. Positions upholstery material over padding and pulls material taut to remove wrinkles. Presses edges of upholstery material onto prongs protruding from back of panel and bends prongs to secure material, using hammer. Trims excess material from edges with scissors. May be designated according to type of panel padded as Back-Panel Padder; Inside-Panel Padder; Side-Panel Padder.