Metal Fabricating Inspector

Inspect materials and work in process of fabrication into metal products.

What does a Metal Fabricating Inspector do?

Inspects materials received, finished products, and work in process of fabrication into metal products to ensure conformance with work orders and diagrammatic and template specifications: Measures centerlines and reference points to verify initial and assembly layout and machine setup, using layout plate, templates, squares, straightedge, feelers, tape, transit, and plumblines. Verifies physical properties and size of materials, such as plates, sheets, structural shapes, castings, forgings, dies, fixtures, and work produced by fabricating machines, using magnaflux machine, surface plate, hardness testing equipment, gauges, and micrometers. Verifies hole size, using plug gauge. Examines finished products for rough edges, cracks, and appearance. Marks parts for acceptance or rejection. Makes reports to suggest changes in dies, fixtures, and materials used. Reports inspection results. Makes sketches and recommends procedure for special salvage or scrapping operations. May inspect material for internal defects, using x-ray and ultrasonic test equipment. May specialize in single phase of inspection and be designated Lay-Out Inspector; Machine-Operations Inspector; Template Inspector.