Metal Casket Assembler

Assemble metal caskets.

What does a Metal Casket Assembler do?

Assembles metal caskets, performing any combination of following tasks, using handtools and welding equipment: Places precut sheet metal sections into jig to form casket body or lid. Solders joints and hand files or machine grinds rough surfaces [SOLDERER-ASSEMBLER]. Saws and bevels wooden slats to specified dimension, using handsaw and jointer. Inserts slats under flange of casket body or lid and nails slats into place. Fits lid onto casket body and bends flange of casket body by hand to facilitate tight fit. Drills holes in lid, using power drill and bolts hinge to lid, using wrench. Welds hinge to casket body, using spot-welding machine. May weld joints, using arc-welding machine [WELDER, ARC].