Metal Bonding Press Operator

Set up and operate hydraulic presses to bond metal aircraft parts.

What does a Metal Bonding Press Operator do?

Sets up and operates hydraulic press equipped with heated platens to bond metal aircraft and space vehicle parts and assemblies: Reads blueprints and shop orders to determine areas of parts to be joined, amount of bonding agent to apply, and temperature and pressure required. Examines parts or assemblies for surface defects and positions parts on machine bed, using jigs or fixtures. Applies adhesives to surfaces to be bonded. Installs thermocouple leads to machine, using handtools. Starts machine and adjusts controls to regulate pressure, heat, and curing time. May assemble parts prior to aligning them in machine. May operate autoclaves and ovens to cure and bond parts and assemblies [AUTOCLAVE OPERATOR 553.362-014].