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Metal Bed Assembler

Assemble head and foot sections of metal bedsteads.

What does a Metal Bed Assembler do?

Assembles head and foot sections of metal bedstead: Inserts upright fillers in holes in bedpost and in holes in cross filler. Springs legs of frame apart and inserts ends of cross filler into holes in legs. Fits molding to bedpost and drives it into grooves in bedpost with mallet. Forces ends of panel into molding, bottom of panel into cross molding, and ends of cross molding into bedpost, using mallet. May cut panel from stock, using power shear. May bend molding to shape by use of power press. May assemble safety rails and attach motors, pulleys, and cables to bed frame to assemble electric hospital beds. May be designated according to section of bed assembled as Foot-Piece Assembler; Head-Piece Assembler.