Merchant Mill Utility Worker

Perform tasks involved in preparing mills for rolling rods and bars.

What does a Merchant Mill Utility Worker do?

Performs any combination of tasks involved in preparing rolling mill for rolling rods, bars, rounds, and flats: Assembles roll stands, rolls, guides, and rest bars of rolling mill, using hammers and wrenches. Installs repeaters or tables on rolling line, using handtools. Grinds surface of repeater guides to ensure smooth passage of steel through mill, using portable grinder. Sorts and stores guides, tools, and other mill equipment. Cuts scrap to charging box size, using scrap shear or torch, and places scrap in charging box. Hooks crane slings to rolls, mill equipment, scrap, or charging boxes, and signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to position load in specified areas. Removes steel piled up in furnace, using rake or tongs and chain.