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Merchandise Supervisor

Manage in-store displays and place orders to keep stock on the shelves.

What does a Merchandise Supervisor do?

Store shelves don’t stock themselves. Every company needs a Merchandise Supervisor on duty to track inventory, place orders, and plan displays. Be it for a weekend sale or the Christmas rush, as a Merchandise Supervisor, you make sure your best products are on display and always in stock. A hot item won’t make the store any money if it’s always sold out.

During your workdays as a Merchandise Supervisor, you spend most of your time on the floor, covering many of the same duties as a Store Manager. You interact with customers, answer questions, and fill in when another Manager is sick.

In addition, you keep an eye on the cleanliness and arrangement of the store. As your job title implies, your focus is on the merchandise. You create attractive displays and send out orders when the store is running low on an item.

Though your daily tasks remain the same, holidays and special events offer a nice change of pace. Your creative flair and organizational skills come out as you plan eye-catching holiday displays that entice shoppers to add a few more items to their carts. On the organization front, you look over records and track sales to see which hot items need to be ordered in extra-large quantities.

Thanks to you, every store aisle looks picture-perfect, with each item in its place and everything in stock. Customers can find what they want and, most importantly, your organizational and promotional skills lead to higher profits for the store.