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Merchandise Coordinator

Oversee product ordering and in-store promotional sales.

What does a Merchandise Coordinator do?

A Merchandise Coordinator is responsible for the supply and promotion of products in retail stores. You make certain that consumers have a wide range of carefully presented and up-to-date merchandise to choose from. To be successful as a Merchandise Coordinator, you must have extensive knowledge of the products you are selling, and a great understanding of your customer base, so you can provide the commodities that will keep the register going ka-ching.

As a Merchandise Coordinator, you communicate with vendors regarding delivery times, and when orders arrive you make sure the goods are unloaded and sent to the selling floor in a timely manner. In addition to stocking shelves, you are in charge of floor merchandising. This consists of choosing where and how to display merchandise, so that customers are tempted to buy as many things as possible. For instance, it is no coincidence that umbrellas are by the register on a rainy day, and that you must walk through all the full price merchandise to find the sale items.

Other regular responsibilities include assisting the Retail Manager with customer service, inventory selection, security, promotions, and special events. As a Merchandise Coordinator you are an important part of your retail team, and your job has a great deal of impact on the store’s bottom line and customer satisfaction.