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MEP Coordinator

Coordinate and supervise mechanical, engineering and plumbing jobs.

What does a MEP Coordinator do?

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a lot of people to design and build a building. As an MEP Coordinator, you oversee and coordinate the work of some of these people. But unlike Construction Managers who keep an eye on everyone during the building process, as a MEP Coordinator you focus only on those hired to complete the MEP part of the construction.

MEP stands for “mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.” Your MEP Coordinator work includes all systems under those categories. So you might oversee the installation of a sprinkler system, help plan what type of lights should line a hallway, or design a fire alarm system.

It’s your job to make sure things get done correctly and on time. You serve as the bridge between the people paying for the project and the workers hired to design and build it. Your tasks include overseeing the bid system (that’s the process Contractors go through to get hired), creating schedules for different jobs from start to finish, planning when certain workers should be on the jobsite, and managing the design process.

You also create detailed reports to keep track of the work and make sure everything is on schedule. You’re like a walking calendar—you plan when the work should take place, hire the people to do it, and arrange for the necessary equipment to show up when needed. Additionally, you’re the one who facilitates the necessary inspections, and makes sure all paperwork is filled out and completed on time.