Mental Health Therapist Career Information

How to get an entry level job as a mental health therapist?

When searching for entry level mental health therapist jobs, it’s beneficial to consider the basic required skills. The skills that are most important for mental health therapist jobs include mental health, psychotherapy, group therapy, and adolescents.

What majors do mental health therapists graduate with?

A bachelor’s degree is usually required for mental health therapist jobs. Nearly half psychology majors graduate to work as mental health therapists. It is also a common job for students who were social work, sociology, behavioral sciences or counseling psychology majors in college.

Popular companies & industries for mental health therapists

Mental health therapists are employed across many different corporations and in many SMBs. Mental health therapist jobs vary across industries, with the mental health care and hospital & health care industries claiming about a quarter of mental health therapists. Both of these are more popular than other industries such as non-profit organization management, individual & family services, and higher education.

Top locations for mental health therapist jobs

One thing to consider for recent graduates is the cost of living for a certain city. New York is a popular place to work as a mental health therapist even though the cost of living is considered expensive.


Help patients deal with psychological disorders and challenging situations using evidence-based therapy methods.

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