Mental Health Screener

Test patients for mental health problems.

What does a Mental Health Screener do?

A Mental Health Screener is a Nurse who evaluates mental instead of physical health. Since no thermometer can measure depression or anxiety, the Mental Health Screener steps in to read the subtle signs of mental or emotional stress.

To test for mental health problems, the Mental Health Screener uses questionnaires. Designed for specific problems or for evaluating overall mental wellness, questionnaires cover the patient’s lifestyle, current stressors, and common emotions. Testing for depression involves rating feelings of sadness, while testing for bipolar disorder involves examining the frequency and intensity of mood swings.

As a Mental Health Screener, you have job opportunities at clinics, hospitals, crisis hotlines, and even with the government. The CIA can use your skills to test job applicants for good mental health. After all, mental well-being is crucial for someone dealing with national secrets.

After you’ve finished the screening, you determine the score and use both the results and your own intuition to diagnose the patient. This tentative diagnosis lets you and your patient develop a long-term care plan. Some patients may see a Psychologist for talk therapy or a Psychiatrist for medication. Others may need more immediate help at a shelter while they find their feet again.

This line of work does more than provide a possible diagnosis. You help others understand why they feel the way they do and, more importantly, show them how to fix it. You’re not just a worker with a clipboard of questions; you’re a friend in a time of need.