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Mental Health Case Manager

Match mental health patients with the resources they need.

What does a Mental Health Case Manager do?

Patients suffering from any type of mental health disorder often benefit from the caring aid of another person. Sometimes, that help comes in the form of therapy; other times, it’s someone who checks on them when they’re alone. As a Mental Health Case Manager, you help coordinate all types of care and social service programs for your clients.

You often work for a nonprofit organization or community center as a Mental Health Case Manager. You might also work at a mental health institution or other hospital. Regardless of where you meet with clients, it’s your job as the Mental Health Case Manager to assess their needs, and then match those needs with the right resources.

In other words, you are a liaison between the resources available and the people who need them. When you meet with a client, you review his or her chart, ask questions, and evaluate what services would be a good fit. You have a file cabinet packed with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of Doctors, Psychiatrists, hospitals, Psychologists, drug and alcohol treatment centers, and other professionals.

In addition to treatment, you help clients find housing and jobs. You also understand how state-run health plans and financial assistance programs work, so you help fill out applications and find programs that will help defray the costs of treatment. Your clients leave your office with a financial, treatment, and daily plan, and the comforting knowledge that you will be there for them if they need you in the future.