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Memory Care Director

Run a facility that cares for patients with memory-related problems.

What does a Memory Care Director do?

As a Memory Care Director, you work in a special care facility that caters to patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory ailments. Your job, first and foremost, is to oversee the staff and run the facility. You hire, fire, and supervise the training of Memory Care Coordinators, Nurses, and even Cooks and other employees.

As the Memory Care Director you help to create an environment that memory loss patients can thrive in. If they aren’t comfortable, then they cannot succeed in regaining their pride and independence. You should be creative in how you set up the environment for the patients, so that it becomes not only a happy place, but also one that’s conducive to healing. Additionally, when you’re a Memory Care Director, you’re in charge of promoting safety, engagement, and self-esteem among patients.

You also play a vital role as a liaison between the residents, their families, and the staff. You make sure that everyone’s working together to promote the best possible experience for the residents. To this end, you provide training for staff, organize meetings, coordinate with the Food Services Director, implement programs for all stages of memory loss, oversee scheduling, and create reports of observations and care for any higher-ups.