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Memory Care Coordinator



Plan activities for patients who are suffering from memory loss.

What does a Memory Care Coordinator do?

As a Memory Care Coordinator, you’re responsible for identifying and meeting the needs of patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory loss problems. You work with the residents of a special care facility, helping them deal with the various stages of memory loss. Your goal being a Memory Care Coordinator is to create an environment that minimizes the risks and maximizes the safety and well-being of the residents.

A large part of your Memory Care Coordinator job involves creating enrichment programs for seniors that help preserve their skills. And you don’t just create them, but you’re also responsible for seeing them through. You market the programs well to the residents to get them excited about participating. You’re also in charge of training staff in implementing these programs and other procedures, and supervising them.

Your other administrative tasks may include payroll, scheduling, performance reviews, attending meetings and training programs, and making yourself available to residents and staff at all times. You also serve as an emotional support for visiting family members, and for the residents themselves. This can be a difficult time for residents and families alike. But your wealth of knowledge and your constant presence make things a lot easier.

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