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Memorial Designer

Create monuments and statues.

What does a Memorial Designer do?

Created to celebrate triumphs and remember tragedies, your art as a Memorial Designer brings to life the struggles of the past, cementing them in our everyday landscape. Whether the memorials you build are painted on murals, or made of stone, metal, or wood, you speak for a community through your Memorial Designer art.

When developing the concept for a monument or statue, it’s important that you know as the Memorial Designer, the history of the people you’re immortalizing, as well as the pride and, often, grief of the clients who are commissioning your design. Do they want a realistic representation of a fallen hero, a likeness cast in bronze? Or would it be more appropriate to use simplistic symbols, such as one lit candle to represent thousands who have suffered?

A lot of emotion comes along with your research and even the drafting of your design. Before you even reach crafting a model to present to a community board, you have interviewed many people who are close to the project. When it comes down to the wire, it can be tough to put something so meaningful to everyone up for creative feedback and subjection, but it’s important that you find just the right design.

Unless you’re building a small sculpture, you probably won’t be the one to construct the final memorial, although you’ll be tasked with overseeing production to make sure your vision is fully realized. And with completion of the project and the revealing of your monument, there comes a sense of closure. It’s your goal to inspire future generations to remember what might have, without your design, remained forgotten.