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Melter Operator

Operate equipment that reclaim uncrystallized sugars from molasses.

What does a Melter Operator do?

Operates heating and mixing equipment that reclaims uncrystallized sugar from molasses and softens molasses adhering to sugar crystals: Starts pumps, turns valves to start flow of molasses, and starts conveyor that dumps sugar crystals into melting tanks. Turns steam valves to maintain specified temperature, and starts agitators. Observes dials on panelboard and adjusts controls to maintain specified temperature, steam pressure, and density of mixture. Tests mixture for alkalinity, using pH meter, and posts data, such as test results, temperature, and density of mixture on report form. May mix and store milk of lime solution. May add milk of lime to mixture to obtain specified alkalinity. May pump liquors to char house for filtration. May clean pump screens, using hose and water.