Medical Writer

Translate medical jargon into detailed, but readable language.

What does a Medical Writer do?

Who can turn a snooze-worthy medical report into a must-read masterpiece? You, the Medical Writer! True, they may lack speedy car chases and flashy explosions, but breakthrough medical reports impact everyday lives more than any summer blockbuster. Like a good Scriptwriter, as the Medical Writer, you set the scene and spell out the latest news from the front lines of health care.

Your clients fall into two categories: medical workers and the general public. Both want to understand the results of the latest medical research and the data that supports them. Yet those in the medical field – like Doctors – speak in complex terms that the average person doesn’t understand. Even if they do speak the lingo, a clear and simple report offered by a Medical Writer, gives a more captivating read than one filled with medical mumbo-jumbo.

A typical day in your office finds you on the phone interviewing Doctors, or thumbing through your dictionary in search of the proper spelling of a tricky word. Then you spend the afternoon writing, rewriting, and rewriting again until you’ve polished your work into a real gem of an article.

It’s tricky to strike a balance between a detailed report and one that’s readable. That’s why Doctors and Scientists come to you. At the end of the day, your words bridge the gap between hardworking professionals and their eager readers.