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Medical Records Technician

Catalog and maintain medical records.

What does a Medical Records Technician do?

As a Medical Records Technician, also known as a Health Information Technician, you ensure that medical records are put together properly and accurately. This means you have knowledge of both the software used for medical records, and the legislation written on safe medical records handling. You’re also in a good position as a Medical Records Technician to suggest improvements to the health records system, as you use it the most.

On a daily basis as a Medical Records Technician, you collect, organize, maintain, and analyze patient records. These records consist of their medical history, descriptions of symptoms, test results, diagnoses, treatment plans, prescriptions, and other relevant health information. You make sure they’re complete, and if something is missing, you confer with Physicians to gather all the necessary information. You also input the data, and make sure the information stays in the right hands.

If you work in a clinic that specializes in a particular ailment, you’ll notice that after awhile, you become more knowledgeable about the statistics of that specialty than most people. So another aspect of your job involves providing statistics and information for use in research projects and reports.