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Medical Records Director

Oversee staff, budgets, and processes at a medical records department.

What does a Medical Records Director do?

A Medical Records Director oversees the clinical coding, data filing, and financial aspects of a healthcare facility. You should be well-versed in the software used for medical records, as well as the legislation on the safe handling of these records if you want to be a successful Medical Records Director.

As your Medical Records Director job title indicates, you direct the medical records staff. You also plan out goals and create objectives for your department. Additionally, you oversee the budget; the quality of your operation; staff hiring, firing, and training; and much of the evaluation and supervision.

You lead and direct your staff, but you also report to upper management. And because you’re part of a big team, superb people skills are a must. Additionally, you need to have the organizational skills of someone in an administrative position. And since you’re in the healthcare industry, medical knowledge can’t hurt either.

Because you’re the Medical Records Director, Medical Records Administrators report to you, as Medical Records Technicians report to them. It’s up to you to keep this hierarchy working flawlessly, and to make sure that the very important and private information you handle doesn’t fall through the cracks.