Medical Records Coordinator

Ensure that a hospital's patient records are complete and organized.

What does a Medical Records Coordinator do?

The Medical Records Coordinator is in charge of reigning in the chaos at a clinic, Dentist ‘s office, family practice, hospital, or other medical facility. Well, not the whole office, just the part where all of the paperwork for hundreds or even thousands of patients is sorted, filed, organized, and retrieved.

Being a Medical Records Coordinator is a job that never ends. On a typical day, a few hundred patients might enter the office. For each one, the patient file is located and pulled. Then the Nurses, Doctors, and front office staff all put their John Hancock on it, and make billing and procedural notes.

If you’re a lucky Medical Records Coordinator, the file is returned to your department where you can safely file it away. Otherwise, the file might find itself hung up in somebody’s in-basket. If this is the case, you get to perform a midday scavenger hunt.

Of course, you don’t do all of this alone. You have a staff in the medical records department to keep it all organized. That means part of your job is to train and evaluate them. But when a file fails to turn up, it is you who is held accountable, so you keep a watchful eye on the procedures being used.

Your job is ever evolving with the expansion of computer systems. Because of this, you’re well versed in the software programs being used in your department. In addition, you speak medical terminology (a language not all of us understand) and possess common office skills, such as knowledge of fax and copy machines.