Medical Records Administrator

Provide training and leadership to the medical records staff of a hospital.

What does a Medical Records Administrator do?

As a Medical Records Administrator, you oversee the medical records staff and the maintenance of patient records. You have to be familiar with the software used to create and maintain medical records, as well as the legislation on their handling.

Your Medical Records Administrator role in this department is a managerial one, so it’s up to you to hire, fire, and train the personnel working under you ( Medical Records Technicians, to be exact). As a Medical Records Administrator you may also need to pitch in from time to time, doing a little coding, data entry, and disbursement yourself. This will depend on how large your hospital is, and how many staff members you have working for you.

You’re also responsible for the safety of patient records, both electronic and hard copies. So in addition to complying with codes and standards of practice, you must also hire the appropriate workers to transcribe and copy the medical records.

Your position requires a unique blend of medical terminology know-how and an aptitude for computers and data entry. You also need the ability to lead, manage, and supervise, as well as teach, because you’ll be training new Technicians on the job.