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Medical Laboratory Supervisor

Keep medical lab staff and equipment working at peak performance.

What does a Medical Laboratory Supervisor do?

No matter what some people say, Doctors can’t find or cure diseases just by waving their hands over patients. Instead, they order tests, and those tests are conducted in medical laboratories. As a Medical Laboratory Supervisor you are at the helm of these labs, making sure the facilities are well staffed, well stocked, and well prepared.

If you’re a Medical Laboratory Supervisor, hiring and training staff takes up a significant portion of your time. People fill out applications and come to visit you to talk about how qualified they are. After you’ve chosen one person as the Medical Laboratory Supervisor, you train them on the workings of your laboratory, explaining the rules that make your lab different from others they may have worked in before.

Periodically, you walk through the lab and make sure you have enough supplies to conduct routine tests. Sometimes, you may find that your equipment is out of date and unable to run the sophisticated tests Doctors are ordering. Suddenly, you no longer need to bring lunches to work, as Medical Sales Representative start taking you to lunch to impress you with the wonders of the equipment they’re selling. But no matter how convincing their sales pitches are, you always test the equipment before you place an order.

Running tests alongside your staff helps you keep your skills sharp. After all, Doctors may ask you to perform tricky tests yourself since you’re the senior staff member. You may examine blood or saliva for diseases, try to grow bacteria from a sample in a jar, or test them against certain types of medications so you can help the Doctor decide on the best treatment.