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Medical Instrument Technician

Operate and maintain medical equipment at a hospital.

What does a Medical Instrument Technician do?

A Medical Instrument Technician cleans, operates, maintains and tests the various pieces of medical equipment used in a hospital or clinic. And when a medical procedure requires the tools that you curate, as the Medical Instrument Technician, you prep the patient, making sure they understand what instrument will be used and getting them into position before the procedure.

Since when you’re a Medical Instrument Technician you deal with equipment used for all sorts of procedures, you’ll need a wide range of medical knowledge. You might be using an ultrasound machine to show a new mom her unborn child or operating an electrocardiography for a heart surgery patient; either way it’s your job to use different pieces of diagnostic, surgical or therapeutic equipment to do the necessary tests and monitoring for a Doctor.

In fact because there is so many different types of equipment, most Medical Instrument Technicians specialize in one specific area. Different areas of expertise come with different roles and work environments. For example if you work with surgical instruments, you might be in the operating room handing instruments to the Surgeon as they need them. If you work with equipment that monitors a patient’s recovery, you might be in charge of transporting a patient with a lot of different pieces of equipment.

No matter what your exact responsibilities look like, though, it will always be your job to make sure the patient is comfortable and positioned correctly with all the necessary instruments present and ready for the upcoming procedure.