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Medical Illustrator



Draw detailed pictures of body parts to help students and scientists.

What does a Medical Illustrator do?

A Medical Illustrator combines artistic skill with a knowledge of anatomy to create visual representations of medical and biological subjects. It is a subset in the larger category of Illustrators, and you can either work as a generalist or specialize in an area of the body with more complex systems, such as on the heart or the brain. To do well in the Medical Illustrator field you should possess strong artistic skills and a mind for science.

In a Medical Illustrator position you help Teachers and medical professionals understand difficult concepts by creating visual guides for them. To do this you draw or create 3D models of humans or animals to be used in eduction or research situations. Your creations must be anatomically correct, and are found in textbooks, pamphlets, exhibits, films, classrooms and occasionally, legal cases.

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