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Medical Esthetician

Perform medical procedures to improve skin appearance.

What does a Medical Esthetician do?

After a major surgery, illness, or burn accident, physical appearance is usually the least of a patient’s concerns. However, these situations can take a toll on their skin. And without proper skincare, their comfort and self-esteem can suffer.

Like regular Estheticians, Medical Estheticians are skincare specialists. This means you perform procedures like peels or facials to improve the appearance and quality of a client’s skin. Unlike regular Estheticians, though, you work in hospitals, Doctor ‘s offices, plastic surgery clinics, and cancer wards.

For this job, it’s important to have good communication skills and empathy. You’re dealing with people who are experiencing very difficult times. Major illnesses are stressful, and so are the side effects of treatments and medications.

You might be working with people who have lost all their hair, including eyebrows. They might also have new and permanent scars, or have hair that has completely changed after treatment. When you first meet with a client, you find out what they want to accomplish and fix about their appearance.

Depending on the wishes of your client, you can give a makeup consultation that helps them add color to their face. You can also teach techniques for using makeup to cover scars, give a moisturizing facial after a skin-drying round of chemotherapy, or give a facial massage to improve blood flow. Additionally, you can teach a person who has lost all their hair how to draw on eyebrows and give the impression of eyelashes.

Though creating a beautiful face is the main responsibility of this job, giving comfort and providing relaxation are two valuable side effects. Not only do you improve the appearance of your client’s skin, but you also help them gain back their self-esteem and confidence.