Medical Equipment Sales Representative

Sell treatment instruments and diagnostic tools to hospitals and clinics.

What does a Medical Equipment Sales Representative do?

As a Medical Equipment Sales Representative, you make sure Doctors have the best possible tools in their hands when they’re saving lives. Be it clean IV systems, first-rate scalpels, or the top-of-the-line scanner, every hospital constantly needs new equipment, and you’re the one who can get it to them.

A company hires a Medical Equipment Sales Representative to be its voice, the communicator between its warehouse of medical equipment and the Surgeon on the operating room floor. You connect with the Anesthesiologists, Nurses, and Dentists because as a Medical Equipment Sales Representative, you are familiar with their work and know what they need to keep practicing medicine to the best of their ability. Oftentimes, this requires you to survey a hospital first to see what type of equipment is lacking. An outdated MRI machine could mean the difference between a tumor being caught early or missed completely.

Selling to educated Physicians requires you to wield more tact and know-how than your run-of-the-mill Car Salesman. Building relationships with clients based on the trust that you’re an expert on the complicated machines you’re selling seals the deal.

Your ability to communicate well with your clients keeps your head above water in the industry, but in a job where half your pay may come from commissions, you really have to be self-motivated to excel. You don’t sleep in till noon. You’re up early and on your way to the first hospital on your list before the interns even get off their night shift.

Medical technology is advancing every day, and with it is the opportunity to get those new products into the hands of Doctors and the lives of patients. Unlike other retail jobs, the quicker you sell here, the more lives can be changed.