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Medical Editor

Refine medical articles for publication.

What does a Medical Editor do?

What good is a message if no one understands it? Medical speak, Doctor jargon—whatever you call it—it’s no secret that reading medical articles can be like working a 1,000-piece puzzle without the picture. Hiring a good Medical Editor to clean up grammar mistakes and tweak articles for a clear, easy read is an investment a lot of companies take. As a Medical Editor, you are the Gatekeeper between Medical Writers and eager readers, ensuring no poorly worded content sees the light of day.

Number one on your list of Medical Editor duties is to check each article for accuracy and proper spelling. No one trusts a Doctor who brags how a revolutionary new procedure helps his patients “here” better. You take a magnifying glass to every sentence, and weed out any of these potential problems.

After spending the morning firing up your grammar skills, you move on to the content itself. This is the real meat of the article. What you say is only as important as how well you say it. An hour or two of reordering paragraphs and replacing complex phrases with simple words leaves you with your medical masterpiece.

Finally, it’s time to turn in your work of art and take on your next assignment. Your superb English skills paired with your vast medical knowledge creates the perfect mixture of editing talent. It’s your subtle corrections that create the flawless content seen in magazines and medical journals.