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Medical Coding Instructor



Teach future Medical Coders the essentials of the job.

What does a Medical Coding Instructor do?

ICD-9, CPT, HCPCS – the medical world speaks a language that looks a bit like gibberish to the untrained eye. Fortunately, Medical Coding Instructors teach all these codes to students who want to work as Medical Coders. Medical Coding Instructors are in high demand as more and more students enter this field.

Why use medical codes at all? Every possible health condition and treatment a patient can have is represented by an alphanumeric code — a combination of letters and numbers. When insurance companies process claims, or Doctor search through a patient’s record, they use these codes. With thousands of patients in the database, a strict coding system is required to uniformly represent information for sorting.

As a Medical Coding Instructor, you teach students how to memorize and master these codes. You can teach in a classroom, armed with a dry-erase marker, or run an online class from a home office.

In addition to the basics, you stress the importance of accuracy to your students. Correct coding is mandatory for insurance coverage, and to save future patients from financial headaches, you see to it that your students can speak medical code like it’s their native language.

Teaching others the best practices of medical coding not only makes it easier for companies to process medical data, but benefits patient health as well. Medical records show everything from current medications to life-threatening allergies, and it’s crucial that that information is correct on the patient’s medical charts.

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