Medical Case Worker

Connect sick people with the care agencies that can help them.

What does a Medical Case Worker do?

Most medical patients dealing with chronic illnesses need special support services in order to lead normal lives. Unfortunately, navigating the various care agencies out there can be a full-time job in and of itself. That’s where the Medical Case Worker comes in.

While there will never be as many Medical Case Workers as there are people who need their services, these professionals are there to help the chronically ill get the care they need to live their lives as fully as they can. If you get a good feeling from working hard and helping people have better lives, especially people in special need of care, then a career as a Medical Case Worker could be right for you.

In this position, you work in an office at a hospital, nursing home, or government building. Most Medical Case Workers are scheduled Monday through Friday, during normal business hours, but extra duties may require extra time. Visiting patients at their homes or whatever living situation they’ll be transitioning into could also be part of the job. You need to be well organized, knowledgeable about the different care programs and options available, and above all, an effective communicator.

Communicator and navigator are two of the most important roles that a Medical Case Worker fulfills. Understanding each client’s unique needs, and knowing how best they can be fulfilled by the public and private care agencies available to them, is vital.

Being able to effectively advocate for people who very often cannot advocate for themselves is the other part of that equation. We live in an imperfect world, and every day, so many patients are deprived of the special care and attention they need. As a Medical Case Worker, you have a unique opportunity to reverse this tide of neglect.