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Medical Case Manager

Create medical care plans for patients.

What does a Medical Case Manager do?

As a Medical Case Manager, you ensure the proper and efficient delivery of health care. This means you design health care plans for patients, which entails deciding which tests and medications are the most effective for them, and which Physicians they should see. To create the proper plan as a Medical Case Manager, you review every patient file given to you, and speak with the Physicians and Nurses involved in the case. You streamline the medical care process, and oversee the decisions being made by the Nurses (including LPNs and RNs) and other medical personnel to ensure that the most effective routes are taken.

Being a Medical Case Manager is a valuable position in the medical profession because the cost of health care is so expensive, and time is so precious for both patients and Doctors. Medical Case Managers help cut costs and save time for all parties involved. The work you do gets rid of superfluous tests and pricks from needles, which is great news for the patient-and the Nurses.

Because you’re deeply involved in the process, you continually record the progress of each case, noting what works and what doesn’t, and reporting this information back to administration. You’re usually in charge of ordering supplies as well, since you’re the one most likely to know what’s being used and how often. On top of all this, worried families rely on you for emotional support, and for answers and direction regarding their next step.