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Medical Billing Specialist

Channel invoices between Doctors, patients, and insurance companies.

What does a Medical Billing Specialist do?

Medical billing specialists handle all the paperwork that flows in and out of a medical treatment facility. You may work in a doctor’s office, an insurance office, a hospital, or even from home. This is a great field for telecommuting opportunities!

Your main duty will be maintaining medical records such as treatment records, insurance information, and patient bills. Medical billing specialists might also be responsible for coding, or transcribing, diagnosis records and patient accounts into a standardized format.

As you handle all this paperwork, much of your time is spent communicating with insurance companies, submitting claims, and processing denied claims and appeals. You might also work directly with the patients, collecting payments and making credit arrangements.

There are a lot of moving parts to deal with here, so you have to be organized and able to perform several different tasks throughout the day. Your data entry, computer, and time management skills will shine in this profession.

A comfortable desk chair and a sweet mouse pad will make your work days cheerier, as will the knowledge that you are in a profession that has a ton of opportunities, and the potential for being your own boss.