Medicaid Service Coordinator

Help qualified people get Medicaid insurance.

What does a Medicaid Service Coordinator do?

Seeing the Doctor regularly for checkups and screenings is one of the best ways to stay healthy over the long term. People who make very little money, however, may have difficulty even putting food on the table, and they may not have any money left over to pay for insurance. The Medicaid program can help these families cover their medical expenses, but the program can be difficult for people to understand.

That’s where the Medicaid Service Coordinator comes in. The Medicaid Service Coordinator helps these families enroll in the program and understand the benefits they’re entitled to. They may also work as a Translator between the government, the family, and the medical community.

As a Medicaid Service Coordinator, you’re expected to completely understand the Medicaid eligibility requirements for your state. When people call you to ask about benefits, you quickly determine whether or not they’re eligible based on your advanced knowledge. Keeping a cheat sheet at your desk is both understandable and acceptable.

If a family is eligible, you help them fill out the complicated enrollment forms, and you work with government officials to make sure their documents are accepted. Then, you help the family choose a Doctor to provide services. If your state covers eye exams and dental cleanings, you may also help the family choose Dentists and Ophthalmologists. Sometimes, you call those offices before the client’s appointment, just to make sure the provider still accepts Medicaid payments.

Medicaid only covers medical costs, but your clients often need more than just health insurance. So you send them to community resources, such as food banks and homeless shelters, where they can get the other forms of assistance they need to stay healthy.