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Media Relations Manager

Serve as a company's point of contact with the media.

What does a Media Relations Manager do?

The Media Relations Manager is the public face of the company. You’re the point of contact for television and newspaper Reporters, as well as the public. You’re also the buffer between the company and the media. Think of the Press Secretary presenting a news briefing from the White House, and you’ll have an image of what the Media Relations Manager does.

Being a Media Relations Manager is a fun and rewarding position if you don’t get ruffled easily, are comfortable speaking in front of crowds, can build rapport effortlessly, and are a strong multitasker. The job also requires that you have the ability to build relationships with Reporters and other media professionals.

Sometimes, your job is to present good news, such as a new product launch, a sweepstakes winner, or a product giveaway. Other times, you’re the one to take the heat. If, for example, an executive is accused of fraud, the company is poised for a buyout, or a product is recalled, your job is to deflect the story, explain details, make a company statement, or otherwise protect the company image while performing damage control.

Outside of the news conference arena, you are also in charge of other media relations. You answer questions, monitor the website activity, blog on social networking sites like facebook and twitter, and participate in television interviews.