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Media Planner

Arrange strategic ad placements for companies.

What does a Media Planner do?

Good advertisements only work if they reach their intended audience. A beer commercial that only plays on Saturday mornings during a kids’ cartoon probably won’t be too successful in selling beer. Obviously, kids aren’t the demographic the company is trying to reach, and they probably won’t find a lot of beer drinkers up early on a Saturday morning.

When you’re a Media Planner, your job is to help companies avoid marketing mistakes by planning when and where advertisements should be shown. Being a Media Planner, you might suggest things like the type of advertisement (print vs. TV ad), the time of day the advertisement should run, or the placement of the ad (on the side of a bus vs. in a women’s magazine).

You start your work as a Media Planner by talking with clients to decide on things like the demographic they want to reach and the type of advertising they want to pay for. From here, you make a specific plan that outlines the most cost-efficient way a company can advertise to reach the highest number of customers.

Deciding when and where to put ads takes a lot of thought and math. You need to know who watches what TV shows and when, as well as things like who buys what brands, where they shop, and what types of cars they own. Basically, you need to know as much as possible about your client’s target audience. To do this, you study demographic research, and using the statistics, you create advertising budgets and charts that outline what type of media your client should buy.