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Mechanical Test Technician

Fabricate test structures and install electronic recording instruments.

What does a Mechanical Test Technician do?

Fabricates test structures and installs electronic recording instruments according to schematics, blueprints, and engineering specifications, to provide test facilities for research on aircraft arresting gear: Constructs monorail anchoring stands and footings, using arc welder, drill press, press brake, and handtools. Lays out reference points at test site for installation of monorail, using transit and level. Installs monorail, using handtools. Loads and positions moving and still cameras to record test results. Installs device for triggering test stages. Installs electronic equipment, such as galvanometer and oscillograph, following schematics, to record temperature, pressure, velocity, and force. Tests, adjusts, and repairs recording instruments to replace defective electrical components and to solder loose connections, using voltmeter, ohmmeter, and handtools. Prepares report of test observations.