Mechanical Inspector

Inspect processing and storage tanks, pipelines and fittings.

What does a Mechanical Inspector do?

Inspects processing and storage tanks, pipelines and fittings, stills, towers, and pumping units for defects, following specified inspection procedures: Examines mechanical installations, instrumentation, valves, and fittings for defects, such as cracks, corrosion, and leaks. Measures thickness of tank walls, tower walls, and pipelines, using calipers and electronic instruments, to determine extent of corrosive damage. Drills test holes in tank and tower walls to take samples of corrosive deposits and verify extent of damage. Installs probes and other instruments in tanks and towers to obtain samples of corrosive deposits and to measure rate of corrosion. Computes rate of corrosion from laboratory analysis of probe samples, using mathematical tables and charts. Reports need for immediate repairs to mechanical department. Prepares inspection reports to indicate nature of repairs and replacements required and to specify safe limits of temperature and pressure to follow pending repair of unit. Inspects construction and installation of new mechanical equipment for conformity to specifications. May inspect operating condition of firefighting equipment. May be designated according to equipment inspected as Still And Tank Inspector.