Mechanical Equipment Engineering Assistant

Develop detailed drawings and specifications of mechanical equipment.

What does a Mechanical Equipment Engineering Assistant do?

Develops detailed design drawings and related specifications of mechanical equipment, according to engineering sketches and design proposal specifications: Analyzes engineering sketches, specifications, and related data and drawings to determine design factors, such as size, shape, and arrangement of parts. Sketches rough layout of machine and computes angles, weights, surface areas, dimensions, radii, clearances, tolerances, leverages, and location of holes. Computes magnitude, direction, and point of application of tension, compression, and bending forces, and develops geometric shape of machine parts to accommodate operating loads. Drafts detailed multiview drawings of machine and subassemblies, including specifications for gear ratios, bearing loads, and direction of moving parts, using engineering data and standard references. Compiles and analyzes test data to determine effect of machine design on various factors, such as temperature, pressures, speed, horsepower, and fuel consumption. Modifies machine design to correct operating deficiencies or to reduce production problems. May measure machine and parts during production to ensure compliance with design specifications, using precision measuring instruments. May specialize in specific type of machine, such as air-cooled internal combustion engines, diesel engines, or machine tools. May use computer-assisted design/drafting equipment and software to develop designs.