Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Convert the designs of Mechanical Engineers into real products.

What does a Mechanical Engineering Technologist do?

The world is full of thinkers and doers: A Mechanical Engineer is a thinker, but a Mechanical Engineering Technologist is a doer. Two sides of the same coin, they collaborate in order to design — and then build — modern-day machines, including everything from cars, power plant systems, and computers to robots, aircraft engines, and medical devices.

As a Mechanical Engineering Technologist — the “doer” on a mechanical engineering team that develops mechanical products — you assist and support Engineers by helping them turn their ideas into tangible, real-life products. In collaboration with a Mechanical Engineering Technician, who does many of the same duties as you but has less experience and education, you’re the middleman between the Engineer who designs products and the workers — Machinists, Manufacturing Technicians, and others — who assemble and fabricate them.

Using your knowledge of science, math, and engineering on the one hand, and your knowledge of technical and fabrication procedures on the other, you direct those workers in the creation of prototypes, and in the setup and operation of manufacturing equipment. You also assist with laboratory tests as part of the product development process, and product testing procedures as part of the quality control process. Finally, you consult on product specifications — the best sizes, shapes, and materials to achieve ideal cost, function, safety, and durability — and manufacturing processes: the most efficient and effective way to produce the product.

In a way, you’re the engineering equivalent of an Interpreter: It’s your job as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist to translate Engineers’ theoretical designs into practical applications.