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Mechanical Engineering Professor



Teach university students about mechanical engineering.

What does a Mechanical Engineering Professor do?

The work of Mechanical Engineers surrounds most people. Air conditioners, cars, refrigerators, chainsaws, washing machines, and more are all designed by these crafty professionals. But they’re not the only ones to thank, because they merely learned the job through the hard work of a Mechanical Engineering Professor.

As a Mechanical Engineering Professor, you teach classes that combine math, physics, and science. In some of these classes, you stand in front of your students and explain difficult concepts. In others, you ask your students to work with computer programs or build machines from parts that you provide. Allowing your students to experiment as a Mechanical Engineering Professor is helpful, but some experiments can be dangerous. So you stand nearby and step in if something goes wrong.

Some students catch on quickly, and they come to seek your help in landing an internship or job. You happily oblige and write these students glowing letters of recommendation. Others, however, struggle with the concepts presented in class, and you help them with one-on-one sessions, as your schedule allows.

Mechanical engineering is your passion, and you study the topic as much as possible. Sometimes, you look for more efficient ways to design common systems. Other times, you write reports about why certain products aren’t performing up to expectations. Newspaper Reporters may even call you for interviews about the work you do.

The school you work for is like your second home, and you support it passionately. On football game days, you paint your face with the school colors and cheer as loudly as your students. Often, you represent the engineering students at meetings held by School Administrators, and you also lead meetings held by your department.

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