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Maintain and repair mechanical equipment.

What does a Mechanic do?

A Mechanic’s job is to maintain, repair, and service mechanical equipment – which often means dismantling and rebuilding it. If your childhood was filled with fun toys like Easy Bake Ovens, remote control cars, and Erector Sets, and you spent it not only playing with them but also taking them apart, you might want to consider a career as a Mechanic.

What kind of equipment you work on depends on what type of Mechanic you are. If you’re an Auto Mechanic, for instance, you work with cars and trucks. If you’re a Bicycle Mechanic, on the other hand, you specialize in bikes. If you’re an Aircraft Mechanic, you work with airplanes.

If you’re a Diesel Mechanic, you focus on diesel-powered trucks, buses, boats, and machines, such as cranes, tractors, and bulldozers. Finally, you handle lawnmower engines, chain saws, and power tools if you work in a repair shop, or large pieces of machinery – printing presses and assembly lines, for instance – if you work in a factory.

No matter what you tinker with, the common denominator is the work itself. Whether you work on cars, cargo planes, or cordless drills, you spend your days diagnosing mechanical problems – using both manual and electronic techniques – then performing service and repairs designed to make the mechanical equipment run at peak performance.

Along the way, you also order supplies, estimate costs, communicate with customers, and maintain paperwork. Most of the time, however, you’re greasing the wheels – literally!