Meat Trimmer

Trim fats, skins, tendons, tissues, and ragged edges from meat cuts.

What does a Meat Trimmer do?

Trims fat, skin, tendons, tissues, and ragged edges from meat cuts, such as loins, spareribs, butts, hams, rounds, sirloins, fillets, and chops, using meat-hook and knife: Trims meat and fat from bones and places trimmings and bones in separate containers. Trims fatback from hog bellies and cuts bellies into specified shapes, using knife. Feeds bacon bellies through rolls to flatten bellies to prescribed thickness. May wash or scrape dirt and blood from meat. May be designated according to section of meat trimmed as Belly Trimmer; Butt Trimmer; Fatback Trimmer; Loin Trimmer; Spareribs Trimmer.