Meat Grading Machine Operator

Tend grading machines that sort almond meats.

What does a Meat Grading Machine Operator do?

Tends grading machine that sorts almond meats, according to size: Loosens turnbuckles to open grading machine, using wrench, and inserts circular grading screens into drum of machine. Closes drum of machine, and turns knob to regulate air pressure, according to specifications. Starts flow of almond meats into machine, and starts machine that sorts almond meats by shaking action that causes smaller almond meats to drop through holes on screens and larger almond meats to run off top of screen onto conveyor belts. Observes almond meats on screen to ensure that they are sorted as required. Tightens or loosens bolt on spindle of machine to adjust shaking action of grading screen to sort almond meats as specified.