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Meat Clerk

Package and serve meat products.

What does a Meat Clerk do?

As a meat clerk, you work in the meat department and serve fresh meat products to customers. You answer customer questions regarding the meat available; take orders; and cut, weigh, and wrap meat as instructed. You also keep pieces of meat on display. Other jobs include unloading deliveries, moving them to storage, pricing, and keeping records. You check the quality of meat and cut pieces for different uses such as grinds used in hamburgers and sausages. Maintaining cleanliness of the area and following all food safety standards are very important. You must also remain focused while cutting meat to avoid accidents with the knives and slicers.

A high school diploma or equivalent is required for this job. Most meat clerks receive training on the job. You must know basic math to be able to weigh meat and handle cash, good customer service skills as you interact directly with the client, and physical fitness as you need to lift and move heavy items and stand for long hours.