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Measurement Superintendent

Direct activities concerned with operation of control stations.

What does a Measurement Superintendent do?

Directs and coordinates activities concerned with operation and maintenance of control stations used to regulate, measure, and direct flow of crude oil, petroleum products, or natural gas in pipeline system. Plans and directs studies on flow control and measurement of petroleum products and gas and directs activities of workers evaluating newly developed devices. Refers selected devices to engineering personnel for feasibility and test studies prior to purchase and installation in system. Ascertains need for new control stations, extensions of existing pipelines, and determines locations and sizes of lines from data on forecasts of estimated sales volume and potential customers available at distribution points. Recommends design features of control stations to engineering personnel and directs activities concerned with installation, testing, and maintenance of control and measurement equipment, such as pressure gauges, thermostats, and specialized metering devices in system. Develops plans for coordinating station activities of pipeline system to regulate and measure flow of products from point of origin into and from distribution points in system.