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Maturity Checker

Tend machines that mash peas and register forces required to crush them.

What does a Maturity Checker do?

Tends machine that mashes peas and registers force required to crush them to ascertain hardness and grades peas: Fills measured pail with pea sample and weighs sample, using scale. Washes and cleans sample to remove debris, such as thistles and weeds, reweighs sample, and calculates percentage of waste per load of peas based on sample. Pours pea sample into top of size grader and counts number of peas in each grade level to calculate percentage of each grade of pea in crop. Dumps cleaned peas on grid of machine and closes cover. Starts motor to rotate disks of grid which mash peas and simultaneously registers force required on dial. Repeats test on second sample from same pan and records dial readings. Records average force required to mash peas, which determines quality of product. Inserts slip showing quality into container.